Alex Kerr

Alex Kerr shows

Alex started his radio experience back in the 80’s when he worked at Radio Clyde in Glasgow. He joined the local hospital radio service the same year he founded Johnstone’s Talking Newspaper for the blind, which is now Renfrewshire Sound in 1982.

When he moved to Oxfordshire back in 1990 he started a pirate station called Impact Fm, 1995 he joined the team at Silverstone working on the station there for the grand prix ,from then he moved onto the internet with the name Impactlive, Living in Banbury North Oxfordshire he was awarded an RSL fm trial licence for the month of June 2003.

Alex founded Johnstone Sound which a non profit community online station for his hometown.

Join Alex every Tuesday night live  from 9pm for a Networked show coming very soon.

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