Scottish Unsigned Artists

Scene Radio has always supported unsigned Scottish artists by interviewing them and giving them an opportunity to have their music heard on Scene Radio.

Now, we take that a step further. Within our categories, we now have a “Local” folder which contains the songs from Scottish Unsigned Artists. That local folder is being added to each hour of play TWICE, meaning TWO Scottish artists will be heard every hour on Scene Radio 24 hours a day.

On top of that Scott O’Hare will be presenting The Complete Mystery Show every Monday at 4pm UK time on Scene Radio and across The Big Radio Network, a show playing ONLY the music of Scottish unsigned artists.

If you are an unsigned Scottish Artist wanting to get you music out to a wider audience contact Submissions for further information.

Submission Instructions

  1. Absolutely NO profanity.
  2. Wav & MP3 files will be accepted.
  3. A good production level is essential.
  4. Tracks MUST be in the format of “artist – track name.mp3/wav”
  5. Supporting Bio to be included.
  6. During the Complete Mystery Show Scott O’Hare will choose the tracks for the show,
  7. All tracks accepted will be place in the “Local” category and will be picked by the system inline with play out policy,

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